Sponsoring, Advertising and Support

We like to thank following people and companies for supporting our work.

K375 Design Team for Graphics, Videos and Animation

K375 Audio Studio for Audio Studio, equipment and Audio Mastering

Google/Youbute/G+ for supporting us with network and advertising (sometimes..)


FreshStarsRecordings and Partners offer the possebility of placing advertising or doing promotion. This selling by placings of Graphical Adds on Sites, Videos and on our promotion channels. We prefere a direct contact and offer solutions cheaper then money swollowing addnetworks. Get in Contact.

Sponsoring / Dotation:

Artist normaly get a fee or provision of at least 10% when their work is used.

Help and Support for our hard work public available, is welcome and needed. This is possible by donating per PayPal, the money will be used to pay our artists and buy new Plugins and equipment we need for pressenting new and good music.