Sponsoring, Support and Funding

Well the most work is with Rainer Kulow also known as the artist „techtick“.

In the moment we try to organice buget for the next steps of projects and to refund our investment of equipment and time.

even so it a lot to produce vinyl and cs, as this needs to be a higher count.

This means:

  • Finding Sponsoring and Advertising partners
  • doing crowd funding for some work we offer

We have some open funding on Kickstarter.com and Patreon, where people can support us, this by little give away or buying some sponsoring.

even so its possible to help us with a donation with paypal


Well i did not introduce our actual Artists

Well in the moment we have

2 signed artists and some more comming soon.

you can find them on our hompage www.freshstarsrecordings.com

or here on our site link Artists, we will update this as soon changes appear.

Well we have:


known for long for his experimental electronic music and for his work as trendscout on youtube, finding new stars and founder of this all.

toyz make noize

formed as a cooperation of artists with techtick as lead.

for working on live acts and and electronic dance and clubmusic.




we do a lot of testing of music hardware for our studio and for the public

Well we all know some is always missing.

So we for us and for the public short demonstrations, just for love of it, to show we not just talking we know and we do,
and to keep you on track whats great and usefull for what for more you can visite our channel we use for trendscouting and promotion.
Well this is how we prepare us for live acts.

Music and Distribution

Well we have contact to different Persons, Artists, Companies,

in the areas of, but we look for more contacts to extend our work and WIN WINCreation Music:

  • Artists
  • Audiostudios
  • other Recordlabels


  • Producing CDs (Singles,EPs,Lps)
  • Producing Vinyl (Singles,EPs,Lps)
  • Producing DVDs (Singles,EPs,Lps)

(we still look for more contractors)

  • Digitaldistribution over Internet
  •  Recordshops
  • Stores


  • Selling Rights for Content
  • Selling Rights for Streaming
  • Selling Rights for Reproduction
  • Selling Rights for Video and Movie

For all this get in contact with

Beat Stars

Our work is now available on the Music Portal

Beatstars.comThis for selling our music and for making beats and tracks available for djs and producer to create their own work and remixes.

For our music at all:

we can create Exclusive Music for purchase but we dont sell our Songs exclusive.
For all work we do there is a possebility to get the rights for distribution, streaming, use and reuse.
For this you just need to get in contact and we can create some contract for the specific purpose.

Rainer Kulow
Fresh Stars Recordings Team

Music Selling and Merchandise

We a Recordlabel and company,
we invest much time in
finding, creating, promoting, supporting and presenting music.So its just running when we sell and promote our work too.We opened our Website where you can find all our Information, Music, Videos and contact.

offical website freshstarsrecordings.com

What will be available:
Digital Distribution:
you can buy music as single download or as a EP/LP,
simply by writing us a mail, or going to the shop of our website.

Vinyl and CDs:
Vinyl and CDs just make sence at a specific amount to produce.
But its planed as soon we have some EPs ready.
CDs we can offer at a amount of 100(0) CDs per EP/LP
For vinyl we need at least 5000 Records of one EP/LP so production makes sense.
This all for common prices in stores.
So for this we need shops, stores that like to sell our work at some countsize.
(so world wide, 1000 recordstores with each 10 products would be great and is realistic).

Well all step by step some funky freaking fan stuff will be available soon.

We do nonexclusive licencing for our music, this means we do a contract for people like to use
our music for videos or distribution, for a specific amount and condition.
We dont sell our rights for this music, if you like to buy exclusive work please look for our
K375 Audio Studio, they do work on contract base for all kind of audio.
Videos and Online Media:
We have videos and music on Video channels, anyhow this is not bringing money to pay our work.
We have a little advertising supporting us, but this never will fit the costs (maybe when we have a million views lol).
If you like you can place advertising of your products or company or text, for a little return,
please get in contact for this, so we can arrange this.

So please buy music or at least do some support and have a thought how to give back and help refunding.

We looking for other labels, recordstores and artists to do cooperation for distribution and selling.

All the best and Enjoy
Rainer Kulow
Owner, FreshStarsRecordings.com

FreshStarsRecordings Blog Opening

What is FreshStarsRecordings:

FreshStarsRecordings is a music label for
– a music channel
-Digital Distribution of music
-EP/LPs as Vinyl Records or CDs

Well as this all is much work, this is a job and there for support and cooperation is welcome to bring this forward.

We have two main artists and Projects running.

Following Artists are signed and work for us:

– techtick, know for long for his experimental electronic music, trendscouting work in the music scene and visual art
– toyz make noize, for live and synth performances and music in the area of club/dance music.

Even so we got a cooperation running with
K375 Design Team / K375 Audio Studio
they provide us with grafics and animations and videos there for our artists provide them with music.

so welcome join subcribe to youtube and support.
And for sure if you like buy some music and support us for further projects.