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FreshStarsRecordings Streetparade

Well in summer time there a lot nice events esp. when its about electronic music.

One special even many people join is the streetparade, similar to the old Love Parade or other Parades arround world.

So as we music is our biz, this event is for sure some we have on our schedule.  To enjoy privately and for sure look for new contacts and promotion.

This Parade we released 50 promo CD with two of our tracks, to spread it to public and djs. Well no CD left for sure and next time i plan some more.


So some fans where real happy and djs too, even so we got new fans on our website and channels.

New Internet versions of tracks


we released a couple of tracks on interent for the wider audience.

As this is public we need to monetize the work somehow, because we need to pay artists and bills.

We do this by using advertising networks, but they pay that bad (means they pay 1 percent of their income by advertising)

a lot needs to happen to pay work. Even so we offer the possebility for donation and doing advertising in return or deliver you work.

Well to make it work we need to sell thausands of songs, this means even thausand times more for monetization.

If you like to support simple watch our videos and visit our channel and sites, and follow us on youtube and twitter. This does not hurt you and helps us to keep this going and work on further releases.

Even so this shows people we active and we can argue to distribution for selling our music.

So here follow the link and it will be a small help to reach our goals. (1000 views is one track sale, just to remind the ones like to rip music for free)






toyzmakenoize – testing Arturia Beatstep pro for live performance

Well as i was looking for long for a usefull Stepsequenzer for my synths and live performance, i got for this now an Arturia Beatstep pro.

Arturia Beatstep pro:
Well its a Stepsequenzer and controller only, ment to control
Software or Midi Synthesizers or Modularsynths with CV and Gate.
It hast a Controler Part, 2 Synth Controller Parts and 1 Drumpart.
All parts can be splitted to different Midichannels, even so its possible to arrange Notes, Pitch, Velocity and Gate and Controller Area.
Over all its a good solution exactly what i needed for my controller less Synths, well i did not test controlling over other parameters then note yet, but next time.

What i miss is, and this is just ment as contructive feedback:
A powersupply (well you can get one for 30bugs or use the one of your cellphone)
allready used parts are not shown white as told in the Manual (maybe a softwareupdate helps).
a way of selecting part in sync with the pattern, like for example with the Korg Electribe that just changes to next part when pattern ended(well update, there is some kind pattern stack, great).
I got some hanging moments i can tell why, so just a reset helped.
But here we have a lot of USB and Radio hacking so maybe some rays where shot at the machine.
(When i remind it was looking like, Beatstep got stuck, some functions where not working, and some kind like midi bruteforcing/patching
the synth till it stopped working…well needed to switch off both.) hmmm is this what this should do? Well i earn my money with IT Security, this looks little like my job?!
by the way i sell setups and patches for synths, what about copyright for my work and refund???
Well maybe wrong or Arturia can give some statement what the reason could be.)

over all a great thing and exactly what i needed.

Roland SH-32, was the synth i took for testing, because this cant be used without an controler or software.
I used a Stacked Synth setup for using all 3 Midi channels at once and it worked fine.