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New Internet versions of tracks


we released a couple of tracks on interent for the wider audience.

As this is public we need to monetize the work somehow, because we need to pay artists and bills.

We do this by using advertising networks, but they pay that bad (means they pay 1 percent of their income by advertising)

a lot needs to happen to pay work. Even so we offer the possebility for donation and doing advertising in return or deliver you work.

Well to make it work we need to sell thausands of songs, this means even thausand times more for monetization.

If you like to support simple watch our videos and visit our channel and sites, and follow us on youtube and twitter. This does not hurt you and helps us to keep this going and work on further releases.

Even so this shows people we active and we can argue to distribution for selling our music.

So here follow the link and it will be a small help to reach our goals. (1000 views is one track sale, just to remind the ones like to rip music for free)






Released new Video Worktitel Nova Tribe

Well this was a live set, but we work on doing a trackversion.

Its always a trade of time, creativity and creating some great for a release. As we in the beginning, we need to be active and cant use much time and break for creating album releases.

Even so we need to look always some up so we working nonstop.

But this will get a work for an EP titel sooner or later.

New Synthesizer for our productions

Well i am a little nerdy when its about instruments and synthesizer.

I love the old and analog ones, because the sound they produce got much characteristic and cant compared with most VST Plugins.

So i am happy i found an old Access Virus A, its a cult synthesizer for electronic music and techno .

And i will use it:)


Here some Description taken from Vintage Synth http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/virusa.php

The Access Virus is a very cool, German made desktop synth-module. It quickly became a very popular and favorite synth with its aggressive analog sounds. It’s got knobs, analog synth sounds and drums and a whole lot more! The Virus uses physical-modeling to digitally re-create analog sounds. German precision got it right! The Virus has an incredibly punchy and clean analog sound that can give you anything from low sub-woofer blowing basses to overdriven 303-style lead lines! The module is layed out with a very intuitive design that even old-school synthesists will feel right at home with. It has 32 knobs and 27 buttons, all of which allow tweaking in realtime. With 12 note polyphony and 16 multitimbral parts, the Virus is all you need to create complete and vibrant electronic music tracks!

With basic analog waveforms, from sawtooth to pulse with PWM, dual oscillators and filters, two LFO’s with sample-and-hold and on-board arpeggiators, you’ll find yourself in vintage synth heaven. The Virus can make convincing TB-303, SH-101 and other great bass/lead sounds, as well as a host of analog drum and percussion sounds. You’ll also find an advanced ADSTR envelope, effects like chorus, flange, delays, and a very nice Vocoder! Every parameter is MIDI controllable making this a great tool for use in the studio.

In 1999, Access released a next generation model which they called the Virus B (making the original sometimes referred to as the Virus A). Following that came the KB (keyboard version), Indigo (Roadster version) and Rack (rack-mountable sound-module version). In 2002, an even more advanced C series was released including the Virus C, KC, Indigo 2, and Rack XL. A slightly ‚hot-rodded‘ form of the original Virus A was also released in 2000 as the Digidesign Virus TDM plug-in for Pro Tools users, followed in 2002 by an Indigo TDM version. Viruses have been used by Astral Projection, BT, Überzone, The Crystal Method, Cosmosis, and Nine Inch Nails.

toyzmakenoize – ableton novation launch pad light fx

How to setup Novation Lauchpad with ableton, to have

  • Live Feedback for playing
  • have a sequence step visualisation

lauchpad it self is an midi controller, by pressing a pad the note will be played.
but for the visual feedback you need to configure some things.
i show what and how, first i show the sequecing visualisation.
then the note feedback for playing.
by the way the pad works now fine with Fruity Loops too, even so for the performance mode.

Video here:

Project file here:


please visit the www.freshstarsrecordings.com for my hard work.


techtick supporting K375 Design Team and Digitalmodernart.net with track vor video animation.

As Freshstarsrecordings is working close together with the

K375 Audio Studio, there is support and exchange with graphic design and audio for different projects.

We try to only use ourwork if possible and its making scence.

This was a video production for the „DigitalModernArt“ Team for a Youtube video.

toyzmakenoize – testing Korg volca bass – for K375 Video Demonstration

KORG – volca bass – analogue bass maschine
Another toy for my k375 audio studio, short testing movie.
Well love it, reminds me the tb303 and gives you a lot possebilities to work with variouse bass from high pitch to real deep bass and is perfect to play with some drummachine or groove box.
If you life close to me you can purchase this at my electronic store having a lot parts for music and studio too.

Well i would like to do an exklusive demo in TV quality,
but at least i need a little support from KORG so i can invest more time(at least 1 week), for creating some great presets midi demo and some company graphic material for some nice intro, descriptions and animation design.

Original movie is made in 4K, i made it while testing different photostudio lighting and bluescreen setups for K375 Photostudio.