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EP 0001 from Techtick Soundz, cheap sellout, for short

As Techtick Soundz got closed,

we release the EP for short time before rebrand at 2Euro per EP,

available on old site



But it even so can be ordered by sending us a mail, or contacting us directly.

After this all will go under new Label FreshStarsRecordings, even so we take this as chance to finance our new projects and EPs.

Story for all missed what happened:

Some know the story, because they saw all the theater happening and on my channel.

Well as we where putting out good music real fast, some made mad trouble, so after releasing the first EP of Techtick Soundz, all Hardware and (Music) Software got hacked, and we even where not able to log on youtube and so on.

Somehow it was about music industry, other artists and people telling we did not do this music. And it seams the hacking was done by them or by represenatives executing their will using it in a context executing rights of copyright.

Well in the meanwhile all know we(me Rainer Kulow, known as Techtick and Lead of Toyz Make Noize) are the right holders and producers of all this music, released under Techtick and Toyz Make Noize.

Even so we work and sign on contract base and all gets registered officialy.

So after 5 years, half year ago as all cooled down, i decided to close

Techtick Soundz as little private Label and create some bigger in a different context.

So FreshStarsRecordings an offical registered Label in cooperation with K375AudioStudio was founded by me Rainer Kulow as Holder and CEO, for a new powerfull start for releasing our music.

Different concept, different design, much clever management and a lot new ideas.

Even so we opend the door for other artists and DJs to release EPs, Tracks and DJMixes regularly and give them a chance for cooperation and releasing their work.

so stay tuned and support.


FreshStarsRecordings Label for electronic music

Live Jamming with Novation Circuit

Well as i test a lot i release time by time testing videos and presentation.

One reason is to to test instruments as professional, to help users to find their right equipment, or getting an idea what can be done.

Other reason, as this all cost budget and i dont get the instruments for free, even so i need to promote me as artist the label and my youtube channels for little advertising paying not much but at least brings a little income for the projects.

I need to say i have arround 15 years experience in doing so, so dont expcet its that easy or you can will achive same results just in no time. Its like always if you know some thing good it looks easy for the people, but shows its not that easy when they try them selfs.

so here an demonstration of

Novation Circut, a pretty new nice groove box as additon for your studio for live performance and for extending dj gears.


Testing equipment and preparation for new ep

Well some times its a long way to have all like you want to and to fit all your needs.

I spend much time in testing and sorting out equipment and software. This for K375 Audio Studio and for freshstarsrecordings.

Targets where:

  • Tools for Mastering and Production, well there some on the market but we want all at best level and industrie standard. Now we got it and happy having all this abilities from best equing and shaping up to industrie Mastering for CD and Vinyl.
  • Second target was to have some more equipment in instruments, as we have the goals doing live music and we have the goal to have instruments to cover all the production needs we have with much quality and flexebility. well there are many instruments on the market, some good just for some reasons some have a wide spectrum in possebilities. so we fit both areas well now, the plugin sector and the hardware sector. esp. int he hardware sector we try to be compute free, that is not always possible but for live jamming its more fun and more improvisation, then playing a ready build set from computer. Even so we support all this by using ableton and machine, but there are still many points open.
  • For the EP(s) i plan i like to choose one set of instruments and play these for some tracks, so all is in some commen scene and flavour. Sure all gets later recorded and mixed on computer, and sure we use a mix of sampled hardware and plugins, what is big difference to the live jamming and testing recordings we do, these are most times directly recorded, this makes different in audio quality but even so in dynamic and fun.

toyzmakenoize – ableton novation launch pad light fx

How to setup Novation Lauchpad with ableton, to have

  • Live Feedback for playing
  • have a sequence step visualisation

lauchpad it self is an midi controller, by pressing a pad the note will be played.
but for the visual feedback you need to configure some things.
i show what and how, first i show the sequecing visualisation.
then the note feedback for playing.
by the way the pad works now fine with Fruity Loops too, even so for the performance mode.

Video here:

Project file here:


please visit the www.freshstarsrecordings.com for my hard work.


toyzmakenoize – testing Korg volca bass – for K375 Video Demonstration

KORG – volca bass – analogue bass maschine
Another toy for my k375 audio studio, short testing movie.
Well love it, reminds me the tb303 and gives you a lot possebilities to work with variouse bass from high pitch to real deep bass and is perfect to play with some drummachine or groove box.
If you life close to me you can purchase this at my electronic store having a lot parts for music and studio too.

Well i would like to do an exklusive demo in TV quality,
but at least i need a little support from KORG so i can invest more time(at least 1 week), for creating some great presets midi demo and some company graphic material for some nice intro, descriptions and animation design.

Original movie is made in 4K, i made it while testing different photostudio lighting and bluescreen setups for K375 Photostudio.

toyzmakenoize – demonstrating Korg Electribe SX 1

well i had time to repair my groovebox and replace the fuse of powersupply.

So i thought i do a short video for all dont know this gear.
Well the Pattern setup is little older und just severin was listening to it. I did not much preperation just wanted to show whats possible.
(well to compare this with the new setup on the MX is not real fair as i did not invested that much time in thies track. But for sure SX is more sample based so its more specialized in styles using that kind of sound and instruments.)

Technical details:
Korg Electribe SX (1) the first release i guess.
Music Production Station
Sample Based Groovebox, with Sequencer for Pattern and Songsmode, 3 FX Sections, Tube compressor.
7 Drums Parts, 2 Instrument Parts, Stretch and Slicepart.

Its a great groove box not available anymore.
so get one if you find one.

It was replaced by the new Electribe but these more grey plastic cheapy and behave different as i heard.

toyzmakenoize – testing Arturia Beatstep pro for live performance

Well as i was looking for long for a usefull Stepsequenzer for my synths and live performance, i got for this now an Arturia Beatstep pro.

Arturia Beatstep pro:
Well its a Stepsequenzer and controller only, ment to control
Software or Midi Synthesizers or Modularsynths with CV and Gate.
It hast a Controler Part, 2 Synth Controller Parts and 1 Drumpart.
All parts can be splitted to different Midichannels, even so its possible to arrange Notes, Pitch, Velocity and Gate and Controller Area.
Over all its a good solution exactly what i needed for my controller less Synths, well i did not test controlling over other parameters then note yet, but next time.

What i miss is, and this is just ment as contructive feedback:
A powersupply (well you can get one for 30bugs or use the one of your cellphone)
allready used parts are not shown white as told in the Manual (maybe a softwareupdate helps).
a way of selecting part in sync with the pattern, like for example with the Korg Electribe that just changes to next part when pattern ended(well update, there is some kind pattern stack, great).
I got some hanging moments i can tell why, so just a reset helped.
But here we have a lot of USB and Radio hacking so maybe some rays where shot at the machine.
(When i remind it was looking like, Beatstep got stuck, some functions where not working, and some kind like midi bruteforcing/patching
the synth till it stopped working…well needed to switch off both.) hmmm is this what this should do? Well i earn my money with IT Security, this looks little like my job?!
by the way i sell setups and patches for synths, what about copyright for my work and refund???
Well maybe wrong or Arturia can give some statement what the reason could be.)

over all a great thing and exactly what i needed.

Roland SH-32, was the synth i took for testing, because this cant be used without an controler or software.
I used a Stacked Synth setup for using all 3 Midi channels at once and it worked fine.


toyzmakenoize – live testing ARIA MX1, System1 and Korg Electribe MX

worktitle: toyzmakenoize – orka
All played live with short preparation and improvisation live.
Well i will do more like this in future as soon i got a studio built up for placing all my synths.
so we happy getting support from K375 Audio Studio (well all on computers no synths but infrastructure and supporting teams),
plan is to hire a studio for „fresh stars recordings“ but for this we need more support as this is connected with much regulare costs for rooms and staff, what needs more then many thousands per month of income just for this.
Thats why we need to sell the work or do this just for sponsors and supporter.

use Gears with Midi Sync:
Roland MX1 ( Mixer and Master)
Roland System 1 (sound texture)
Korg Electribe MX1 (Beats and FX)
Korg Volca Bass (Baseline)

Korg Electribe MX is a Groovebox with much possebilities having parts for drums and Synth parts, FX Section and much more.

Roland MX1 is a new type of Live Mixer for the ARIA Serie of Roland, but is not limited to this.
It got inputs for 4 Mono (2 Stereo Line in)
One for stereo small jack (used for Vocal Bass here)
4 USB for the ARIA instruments
1 PC in
and a loopback for FX like for example Chaos Pad (i will test this next)

Roland System 1 is a virtual 2 OSC analog Synthesizer, bringen a wide range of sounds, sounding great, from fx to pads up to all kind of modern Base and Noize for Club, Dubstep, Industrial well and much more. New is the Plugout system giving you a way to load some kind of plugin synth into it.
(Well insider info, for the ones tried to backup and get System 1.2 running, well hard to find the info, but the bottons are linked different, so if you dont find a system1folder, try „Key Hold“ and switch on, then you can patch the system 1.2 and all working like its told on the internet)

Korg Vocal Bass, is a little like the TB303, good for the techno sounding baselines.