EP 0001 from Techtick Soundz, cheap sellout, for short

As Techtick Soundz got closed, we release the EP for short time before rebrand at 2Euro per EP, available on old site https://techtick.bandcamp.com/album/techtick-soundz-dreamscapes-ep001 But it even so can be ordered by sending us a mail, or contacting us directly. After this all will go under new Label FreshStarsRecordings, even so we take this as chance…

techtick supporting K375 Design Team and Digitalmodernart.net with track vor video animation.

As Freshstarsrecordings is working close together with the K375 Audio Studio, there is support and exchange with graphic design and audio for different projects. We try to only use ourwork if possible and its making scence. This was a video production for the „DigitalModernArt“ Team for a Youtube video.