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EP 0001 from Techtick Soundz, cheap sellout, for short

As Techtick Soundz got closed,

we release the EP for short time before rebrand at 2Euro per EP,

available on old site



But it even so can be ordered by sending us a mail, or contacting us directly.

After this all will go under new Label FreshStarsRecordings, even so we take this as chance to finance our new projects and EPs.

Story for all missed what happened:

Some know the story, because they saw all the theater happening and on my channel.

Well as we where putting out good music real fast, some made mad trouble, so after releasing the first EP of Techtick Soundz, all Hardware and (Music) Software got hacked, and we even where not able to log on youtube and so on.

Somehow it was about music industry, other artists and people telling we did not do this music. And it seams the hacking was done by them or by represenatives executing their will using it in a context executing rights of copyright.

Well in the meanwhile all know we(me Rainer Kulow, known as Techtick and Lead of Toyz Make Noize) are the right holders and producers of all this music, released under Techtick and Toyz Make Noize.

Even so we work and sign on contract base and all gets registered officialy.

So after 5 years, half year ago as all cooled down, i decided to close

Techtick Soundz as little private Label and create some bigger in a different context.

So FreshStarsRecordings an offical registered Label in cooperation with K375AudioStudio was founded by me Rainer Kulow as Holder and CEO, for a new powerfull start for releasing our music.

Different concept, different design, much clever management and a lot new ideas.

Even so we opend the door for other artists and DJs to release EPs, Tracks and DJMixes regularly and give them a chance for cooperation and releasing their work.

so stay tuned and support.


FreshStarsRecordings Label for electronic music

Small Releases on CD

Well we plan big releases, but these are production counts starting from 1000 CDS up to 100 000 CDS, this just can be done by big manufacturer.

But as we do much work and like to release some small amounts for smaller work, Music, Mixes and so on, we build our own manufacturing for lower counts with CD printing, so we can save costs and put out some nice limited editions.


New Internet versions of tracks


we released a couple of tracks on interent for the wider audience.

As this is public we need to monetize the work somehow, because we need to pay artists and bills.

We do this by using advertising networks, but they pay that bad (means they pay 1 percent of their income by advertising)

a lot needs to happen to pay work. Even so we offer the possebility for donation and doing advertising in return or deliver you work.

Well to make it work we need to sell thausands of songs, this means even thausand times more for monetization.

If you like to support simple watch our videos and visit our channel and sites, and follow us on youtube and twitter. This does not hurt you and helps us to keep this going and work on further releases.

Even so this shows people we active and we can argue to distribution for selling our music.

So here follow the link and it will be a small help to reach our goals. (1000 views is one track sale, just to remind the ones like to rip music for free)






Released new Video Worktitel Nova Tribe

Well this was a live set, but we work on doing a trackversion.

Its always a trade of time, creativity and creating some great for a release. As we in the beginning, we need to be active and cant use much time and break for creating album releases.

Even so we need to look always some up so we working nonstop.

But this will get a work for an EP titel sooner or later.

Live Jamming with Novation Circuit

Well as i test a lot i release time by time testing videos and presentation.

One reason is to to test instruments as professional, to help users to find their right equipment, or getting an idea what can be done.

Other reason, as this all cost budget and i dont get the instruments for free, even so i need to promote me as artist the label and my youtube channels for little advertising paying not much but at least brings a little income for the projects.

I need to say i have arround 15 years experience in doing so, so dont expcet its that easy or you can will achive same results just in no time. Its like always if you know some thing good it looks easy for the people, but shows its not that easy when they try them selfs.

so here an demonstration of

Novation Circut, a pretty new nice groove box as additon for your studio for live performance and for extending dj gears.