By the way

All music and videos are copyrighted and hard work of fresh stars recordigs and artists and registered by ISRC so by industry.

In music biz its standard to pay 10-15% to artists for usage. We treat it like 10% for artist and 5% for label for the internet stuff. Normaly labels take up to 50% for their work, promotion and production. The Label gets the hole % and and splits and distributes to artists as just we know the right persons.

For endcosumer we have prices like 0.95 or 2.50 for a song/stem, videos more expensive as they much work too, so from 500.00 to 2500.00 or more depending on the work.

so i expect donations directly (paypal well internet is not trusted so no garanty) and an message you do so or like to. most at all we do normal bills and contracts. if so we can deliver this in a format you like or tell some plan how to treat it. content so video and music is our rights, biz and money.

even our partners pay for our work or have a contract of participation, so all profit from each other. even so we pay our partners for work or give participation. Well the only way it works.

well we have costs here and need to pay bills, so there is nothing funny about missusing our work. Even so label cashs in as label pays the bills.

if missuse or not support and use it anyway, i will find it out and rip your ass off. Normaly i am polite biz man, but rule breaking is against biz and our work.


FreshStarsRecordings Team

Kulow Rainer CEO