Releases 6.2016

Well we work on releases and finished them partwise: Toyz Make Noize: from the „Comming from the Dark“ Series, content is experimental Electronic/Techno played live by Toyz Make Noize, lenght is between 20-30 Minutes. Price 11.95 CHF ( in the moment these CD, are inhouse manufactured at a low count and just by our Label…

Different Standards of Modular

A modular synthesizer format which falls into the „small format“ category.  Originally derived from various standards for 19″ rack system based industrial and lab instrumentation known as (DIN 41494 / IEC 297-3 / IEEE 1001.1) and sometimes housed ‚Eurocard‘ technology. Not to be confusedor with the line of low-cost mixers marketed by Behringer under this name….

Manufacturer of modular synthesizer

4MS Pedals has moved from effects pedals into Eurorack Modules, with their Pingable Envelope Generator, Shuffling Clock Multiplier, Atoner, Swash and other modules. Abstract Data – maker of the ADE-10 Reactive Shaper module. ADDAC Systems – offers programmable modules, like the Voltage-Controlled Computer system and several stand-alone modules. ALM – creators of Pamela’s Workout and the…

Modular Synthesizer

now we have the abillity to use Modular Synthesizer, for creating audio effects and instrumenst our self. Why this that interessting, Well some things just hardly possible with some kind of synthesizers, there for we needed the chance to create our own setups.