EP 0001 from Techtick Soundz, cheap sellout, for short

As Techtick Soundz got closed, we release the EP for short time before rebrand at 2Euro per EP, available on old site https://techtick.bandcamp.com/album/techtick-soundz-dreamscapes-ep001 But it even so can be ordered by sending us a mail, or contacting us directly. After this all will go under new Label FreshStarsRecordings, even so we take this as chance…

Small Releases on CD

Well we plan big releases, but these are production counts starting from 1000 CDS up to 100 000 CDS, this just can be done by big manufacturer. But as we do much work and like to release some small amounts for smaller work, Music, Mixes and so on, we build our own manufacturing for lower…

New Live Set with Moog Mother 32

well we have much instruments, but a real modular analog synth was missing. Some sounds esp. in the Bassline section just can be done with them, and they have a special character. So Moog Mother 32 was our joice to get, it is semi modular and overs much modulation possebilities, maken some life feeling sound….

New Liveset Video Release

i released some new Music Video, toyz make noize – silbermond it has to internet versions, the standard and the longplay its done live if work on a studio version for release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEuaLEfuCvI   Longplay version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7y6tBtrdp0