Fresh Stars Recordings

Well we do much different work here:

  • Artist Promotion
  • Producing Tracks, for Internet and for Records
  • Register and manage Audio and Music
  • and Recordstore for Mixes, CDs and Records


We have a huge DJ Backstock and collection of rare and older Records, from Club Music to Jazz.

We have a huge sellection of DJ Mixsets from DJs we know.

We have all new CDs and Records available for purchse, it just dont makes scence to have them all on stock.

Prices Differ from Product to Product:

CDs/Singels start at 9 CHF, average price is arround 20 CHF

Records start at arround 10 CHF, average price is arround 20 CHF

DJ Mixes on CD or as MP3 depend on the right management/ licences needed to be respected by using 3third party material as there is a difference between end consumer and as product for sale.

If you a club or restaurant or radio and handel this with the local authoritys by paying a fee, this can be purchased cheaper, otherwise a fee for the artist, label and songs needs to be respected.

We even so handel and manage licences of music that is not registered under an artist name or label, so as a product, and titels of artists for reproduction, this means exclusive rights or rights for specific use or count of reproduction.

Even so we have available Samples, and Presets for artists, we producded our selfs and for sure the ones of the market leading companies.

Partners and Cooperations

As we look for the international market and not just here for the backyard, we look for trustable people how like to share and work together on a win win base.

I dont want this on a automative way, but i like to have contact to estiblish products and work on a international base.

This means more customers as bigger market, more products by coopertating and more specialisation.

I point to Distribution, Production, Promotion, Radio and TV.

so get in contact, the more exchange the more we know how to profit from each others.

We tried lot

Well we tried lot when its about

Promotion, Portals for Selling music, and so on.

Well we did not realy find the solution making us happy, its hard to controll what they do if they do who is behind it and does the money and promotion turns out positive for you or is it just a scam.

Some times its best to do it your self or just work with trusted partners.

So we create our own selling portal, for presentation and shopping.

This is much work, but i think it will make it worth as soon we have a bigger palette of artists and products.

Even so a possebility to purchase licences for music, we prefere to do directly with some act of having a customer contact and talk.

For promotion me and my direct partners createda own solution we like to build up and for sure like to proofe and offer to our artists or other small labels. More about this later.

Concept and how to present it

Well we do music by heart,

this means we dont care much about industrial concepts and more look for a creative and entertaining way doing music.

But as this is at first a Label like to present quality and music under this label, we cant present all work here our artist provide.

So we dont put any Tutorials or Testing stuff here, as this is work of some artists but not part of the work of our label. (Well maybe could be of our Audio Studio but is not, we prefere presenting work and products).

But we will go on showing how we work and doing live sets to show we can.

On the other hand we create for sure our products we put much work and time in it to make it great.

Well tastes different but we like what we do.

Released new Video Worktitel Nova Tribe

Well this was a live set, but we work on doing a trackversion.

Its always a trade of time, creativity and creating some great for a release. As we in the beginning, we need to be active and cant use much time and break for creating album releases.

Even so we need to look always some up so we working nonstop.

But this will get a work for an EP titel sooner or later.