Different Changes

As label we need to earn money from this work and need to pay for the costs- We have our music Hosted on different Portals, as its always a little difficult trusting portals and foreign sites, and uploading music and loosing control over handling by the third party. we like to create our own shop…

Live Session ToyzMakeNoize

We recorded a small live act session of toyzmakenoize freshstarsrecordings – toyz make noize – live 5th element we will do this regularly the next times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45C9GPUq3wU

Sorry about Advertising

Well i am sorry a little about the advertising, i normaly try to avoid this. But as we need budget for our further building up and EP, and mentality in the internet is more get what you can get free and not support and buy the music, we need to do this for short time,…

New Videos released by K375 Design Team

K375 Design Team released new videos and animation: the music used was done by our artist. you can find them there: #new #animations by #K375DesignTeam #music #toyzmakenoize http://adf.ly/1WNou8 #new #animations by #K375DesignTeam #music #toyzmakenoize http://adf.ly/1WNpUy #new #animations by #K375DesignTeam #music #toyzmakenoize http://adf.ly/1WNpcp