Live Jamming with Novation Circuit

Well as i test a lot i release time by time testing videos and presentation. One reason is to to test instruments as professional, to help users to find their right equipment, or getting an idea what can be done. Other reason, as this all cost budget and i dont get the instruments for free,…

Testing equipment and preparation for new ep

Well some times its a long way to have all like you want to and to fit all your needs. I spend much time in testing and sorting out equipment and software. This for K375 Audio Studio and for freshstarsrecordings. Targets where: Tools for Mastering and Production, well there some on the market but we…

Oh always some new Gears

As we work with music and club culture the instrumens and the gears are essential for our work. We use them by our self or give some for rent to events or artist. So feel free to contact if there is some specific instrument you need. We got groove boxes, drumcomputer, synthesizer, recordplayer and cd…

Test Pressing of Vinyl

Well before a larger count of records got pressed, there is a test pressing to proofe quality and ensure the endresult is correct and as expected. This looks like this..

We work on our Backstock

Well we have some backstock of records, some parts are just for collectors as these are raritys, some dont get sold too. some are dj backstocks from all mixed up. so there is something for every taste and style.

We still look for

We still look for people like to help and support for hard public work people who like to support us with crowed funding artists who like to get in contact and work together recordstores who like to sell our products advertiser who like to sponsor with advertising our videos and site

FreshStarsRecordings offering

Well we like to extend our offering: This meas we offer: Our Music for sale Backstock Records and CDs Audio Mastering Service, we have the Studio we got the professional Software Samples and Stem Files for Djs and Producer, even so we like to include available Sample Collections from the leading companies. Licences for Music…

Backstock Records

Well we have here a huge backstock of records and CDs. These are most for Collectors and Music lovers or to complete collections or get Vinyl or CDs not available in Shops anymore. These are going back to the year 1980, from normal Records to Club Records. I am pretty not sure how present them…

New Synthesizer for our productions

Well i am a little nerdy when its about instruments and synthesizer. I love the old and analog ones, because the sound they produce got much characteristic and cant compared with most VST Plugins. So i am happy i found an old Access Virus A, its a cult synthesizer for electronic music and techno ….

toyzmakenoize – Ableton using FL Studio as Plugin

Video by K375 Design Team in the K375 Audio Studio. toyzmakenoize presenting the FLStudio as Ableton Plugin. well i was asking for a solution and now(1.2016, Ableton 9.5) its working fine. Both Programs got their advantages and concepts. Now bringing a lot advantages for both programms opening much possebilities. Now you can use the FL…