Live Jamming with Novation Circuit

Well as i test a lot i release time by time testing videos and presentation.

One reason is to to test instruments as professional, to help users to find their right equipment, or getting an idea what can be done.

Other reason, as this all cost budget and i dont get the instruments for free, even so i need to promote me as artist the label and my youtube channels for little advertising paying not much but at least brings a little income for the projects.

I need to say i have arround 15 years experience in doing so, so dont expcet its that easy or you can will achive same results just in no time. Its like always if you know some thing good it looks easy for the people, but shows its not that easy when they try them selfs.

so here an demonstration of

Novation Circut, a pretty new nice groove box as additon for your studio for live performance and for extending dj gears.


Testing equipment and preparation for new ep

Well some times its a long way to have all like you want to and to fit all your needs.

I spend much time in testing and sorting out equipment and software. This for K375 Audio Studio and for freshstarsrecordings.

Targets where:

  • Tools for Mastering and Production, well there some on the market but we want all at best level and industrie standard. Now we got it and happy having all this abilities from best equing and shaping up to industrie Mastering for CD and Vinyl.
  • Second target was to have some more equipment in instruments, as we have the goals doing live music and we have the goal to have instruments to cover all the production needs we have with much quality and flexebility. well there are many instruments on the market, some good just for some reasons some have a wide spectrum in possebilities. so we fit both areas well now, the plugin sector and the hardware sector. esp. int he hardware sector we try to be compute free, that is not always possible but for live jamming its more fun and more improvisation, then playing a ready build set from computer. Even so we support all this by using ableton and machine, but there are still many points open.
  • For the EP(s) i plan i like to choose one set of instruments and play these for some tracks, so all is in some commen scene and flavour. Sure all gets later recorded and mixed on computer, and sure we use a mix of sampled hardware and plugins, what is big difference to the live jamming and testing recordings we do, these are most times directly recorded, this makes different in audio quality but even so in dynamic and fun.

Oh always some new Gears

As we work with music and club culture the instrumens and the gears are essential for our work.

We use them by our self or give some for rent to events or artist.

So feel free to contact if there is some specific instrument you need.

We got groove boxes, drumcomputer, synthesizer, recordplayer and cd player as well as studio mixer and boxes.

If we dont got it, we know where you can get it, from small party up to festivals.


FreshStarsRecordings offering

Well we like to extend our offering:

This meas we offer:

  • Our Music for sale
  • Backstock Records and CDs
  • Audio Mastering Service, we have the Studio we got the professional Software
  • Samples and Stem Files for Djs and Producer, even so we like to include available Sample Collections from the leading companies.
  • Licences for Music we own, rights for use in Videos and Musicchannels.
  • and products for djs and producer, like software and plugins.

So this will all be available as Service or for purchase online or by contacting us.

Backstock Records

Well we have here a huge backstock of records and CDs.

These are most for Collectors and Music lovers or to complete collections or get Vinyl or CDs not available in Shops anymore.

These are going back to the year 1980, from normal Records to Club Records.

I am pretty not sure how present them best, so i still desiding if i put up a shop or if post it on the blog or simply do both.



New Synthesizer for our productions

Well i am a little nerdy when its about instruments and synthesizer.

I love the old and analog ones, because the sound they produce got much characteristic and cant compared with most VST Plugins.

So i am happy i found an old Access Virus A, its a cult synthesizer for electronic music and techno .

And i will use it:)


Here some Description taken from Vintage Synth

The Access Virus is a very cool, German made desktop synth-module. It quickly became a very popular and favorite synth with its aggressive analog sounds. It’s got knobs, analog synth sounds and drums and a whole lot more! The Virus uses physical-modeling to digitally re-create analog sounds. German precision got it right! The Virus has an incredibly punchy and clean analog sound that can give you anything from low sub-woofer blowing basses to overdriven 303-style lead lines! The module is layed out with a very intuitive design that even old-school synthesists will feel right at home with. It has 32 knobs and 27 buttons, all of which allow tweaking in realtime. With 12 note polyphony and 16 multitimbral parts, the Virus is all you need to create complete and vibrant electronic music tracks!

With basic analog waveforms, from sawtooth to pulse with PWM, dual oscillators and filters, two LFO’s with sample-and-hold and on-board arpeggiators, you’ll find yourself in vintage synth heaven. The Virus can make convincing TB-303, SH-101 and other great bass/lead sounds, as well as a host of analog drum and percussion sounds. You’ll also find an advanced ADSTR envelope, effects like chorus, flange, delays, and a very nice Vocoder! Every parameter is MIDI controllable making this a great tool for use in the studio.

In 1999, Access released a next generation model which they called the Virus B (making the original sometimes referred to as the Virus A). Following that came the KB (keyboard version), Indigo (Roadster version) and Rack (rack-mountable sound-module version). In 2002, an even more advanced C series was released including the Virus C, KC, Indigo 2, and Rack XL. A slightly ‚hot-rodded‘ form of the original Virus A was also released in 2000 as the Digidesign Virus TDM plug-in for Pro Tools users, followed in 2002 by an Indigo TDM version. Viruses have been used by Astral Projection, BT, Überzone, The Crystal Method, Cosmosis, and Nine Inch Nails.

toyzmakenoize – Ableton using FL Studio as Plugin

Video by K375 Design Team in the K375 Audio Studio.
toyzmakenoize presenting the FLStudio as Ableton Plugin.
well i was asking for a solution and now(1.2016, Ableton 9.5) its working fine.
Both Programs got their advantages and concepts.
Now bringing a lot advantages for both programms opening much possebilities.
Now you can use the FL Studio and all plugins and FX chains as a Rack in Ableton for up to 16 channels by midi.

(well the mouse points little aside, but i think its clear what i do and how)

well i will put it on the blog of too